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Here are some testimonials from people who have received Reiki healing from me:

“People have noticed the difference in me already”. Diane. Blackpool.

“My fractured ribs have healed in half the time” Adam. Preston.

“I simply feel lighter and much better” Jo Lancs

“The healing helped me deal with my divorce much better” Peter UK

“My husband and I have reconciled – without the healing we were at loggerheads.  thnk you” SW. B/pool

“The healing always rechargers my batteries and I feel so much more energised”  PB Lancs

“Your hands were so hot on my back and I was so delighted to have full movement again” Ann.

“My IBS was so much more improved”LB. Preston

“I no longer feel the anorexia rules – and ruins my life” LL. Lancs

“All the weighty pain from my past dissolved, I feel so much better to have let go of the hurt” Tracy. UK

“Your healing has affected us all in the household and there is now a loving peacefulness.  Our home is a better place to live in” MB Lancs

“My diabetic hypos have now completely ceased” KC Lancs

“I am now off my insulin” Joyce. UK

“My blood pressure is now normal” SP Blackpool.

“My hot sweats have now ceased, I am forever grateful” Liz Preston.

“My arthitic aches and pains ahve almost gone” Mrs D. Preston.

“I am so much calmer, shout less and no longer feel I need to rip peoples heads off” JB UK.

“Finally I am now able to return to work and I enjoy my life” GE. Lancs

“My neck is now improved tremendously” Neil. Lancs 

“The pain in my abdomen disappeared within 5 days-I had suffered for years and been told I needed a hysterectomy”.

“The pain following the bereavement is now bearable” Jenny. Preston

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