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I teach ALL levels of Reiki, bringing in my practical experience and keeping the classes light, rather   than heavy and boring. All my students have enjoyed learning with me, in fact many now teach themselves.  All courses are ONE day only.  It is my personal policy to keep fees affordable.  This is my way of sharing the magic.  If you are interested please give me a ring and I will let you know when I am holding my next classes or check as they are listed on the Workshops and Teaching Page

Refresher courses are also available at £50 – All levels. Just call me for details

I do extensive work healing Mother Earth. We  have recently established a healing circle. Healing our planet is the responsibility of us ALL.  Recently I walked in our local park, collecting litter.  Simply by collecting rubbish, recycling and caring for our environment can make so much difference.

Emoto has done extensive work with water. It began when we had two sample glasses of water, one of which he had said he hated and the other which we said he loved. When he later tried to freeze the water, the sample of water that was told was hated would not freeze and the crystals were disjointed. The loved water produced beautiful crystals. He has taken this work further and studied polluted and stagnant water. Homeopathy works on the principle that water holds the memory of the remedy and for this reason the more diluted the remedy, the more powerful it is. His books are most interesting and there is a huge link between the percentage of water in our bodies and that on Mother Earth. To remain healthy we must drink regularly throughout the day. Studies have proved that even when we are only 1% or 2% dehydrated we can feel tired and our concentration skills are greatly reduced. This is most important in schools and colleges where children and students should be actively encouraged to drink more water. Please note that tea and coffee dehydrate the bodies systems. Emotos work is thought-provoking and I feel it is worthy of linking positive affirmation.

“Rei” means Universal & “Ki” is the Japanese word for life force energy.

Therefore, when teaching Reiki, I am showing the students how to use this energy to heal. Healing itself, seems an inadequate word.   It balances the whole being-on all levels, it recharges batteries and allows the recipient, & the student, to release their full potential.

I teach both the Usui & Tibetan system.  I have had Reiki Masters who have not been attuned to the Tibetan system and feel “something” is missing, therefore I always teach both at Masters level. Teaching for me is a very beautiful & priviledged experience.

Watching each of the students unfold, as they begin to comprehend the vastness & capabilities of this energy is fantastic.  Being able to see auric fields also means that I can literally “see” the difference following their attunements. Teaching my sons has truly been one of the most beautiful experiences we have shared.

When I am teaching they share their experiences with the students; allowing them to further their understanding. Reiki is a powerful healing system which has been available for thousands of years, although it was Dr. Usui who was responsible for its recent popularity, in the 1800′s.  He was principal of the Doshisha University In Kyoto, Japan & also a Christain minister. His students asked him how Jesus had healed  & so began his journey of spiritual awareness. Since this time, Reiki has been passed down and the lineage is below.

All courses are one day only.  I usually begin about 10am and finish approx. 3.30pm.  The courses are very light and certainly not academic.  My aim is to allow you to fully understand the energies and how they can be used.

In each teaching session my obligation is to encourage the students to learn and understand; reach their full potential, by sharing my experiences, so they are confident in their work. Reiki is open to everyone. I have listed my fees below and would just like to make the following point.  Many have asked why my fees are so reasonable.

My view is that Reiki is given to new-born babies in some cultures and is a gift from Source/God……….therefore I do not feel it is ethical to charge more than this at this moment in time, and wish for Reiki to be easily available to ALL.

If indeed you have any problems affording these fees please do not hesitate to telephone me and we will reach an agreement on what can be paid – I am a lightworker and as such feel I have no right to turn anyone away who is willing to learn.

FEES: (All courses are certificated).





Brief Guide to Courses:

REIKI ONE - Introduction to Reiki, the history and explanation of its uses, attunement & awareness of use of the sacred power symbol. Awareness of the bodies energy systems and practical work.

REIKI TWO - Furthers Reiki’s understanding of the healing abilities and their strength.  Essentially, the students are taught how to carry out distant healing at this stage,(healing without the client being present).Upon qualification, the student is then a Reiki Practitioner.The symbols used are for mental & emotional healing and also distant work.

REIKI MASTERS - Furthering the students strengths and abilities. At this level I teach them how to teach too… them the option, should they wish to carry out attunements in the future. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to phone me; (01772) 751808 or forward your enquiry via email.




By Ken Smith.  (Copyright)

“I am in such pain today” said the heart to its Source ” I have given so much love to so many I feel weary and just want to lie down and sleep” 

And Source replied ” You have misunderstood my love……….I gave it to you for safe keeping and you have given it all away” 

“I did not mean to give it all away” explained the heart “but somehow I have, and the more of it I gave to others the more they demanded”. 

“I am so tired, I just want to come home” 

“It is NOT your time” said Source quietly. ”Learn this lesson and learn it well………….for the love you have given away must return to you before you come home to me” 

“Be prepared for when it returns it will come with such force that it will smash into your chest like the bowmans arrow……….to leave you bleeding, battered and torn”. 

“It will appear as grief, sorrow, and anguish……….but it is love all the  same………your love returning to you”. 

“What have I done wrong?” cried out the heart…..”I have tried so hard to be loving & caring and now you tell me I am going to experience pain”. 

“Tell me, please what have I done wrong?” 

And Source replied “First, let me ask you a question” 

“Of course” said the heart “but please be quick as I hear another knocking for my love”.

“Tell me, how much of the love I gave to you have you given to Yourself?” asked Source. 

“Very little” admitted the heart with a sigh “I’ve always believed you wanted me to spread it into the world”. 

“Yes, I do” Source began to explain “But, if the sun gave its light away as you would have
it would FADE AND DIE”. 


“Exactly” said Source and smiled “the secret is to hold your love and RADIATE it out into the world in the same way the sun does, so that your light does not diminish”. 

“So, what do you need me to do?” asked the heart. 

“Connect to me now” said Source “feel the power of my love” 

“Wow!!!! I can feel that” said the heart “it is so beautiful” 

“Now hold that love in your heart…………..and this time we will work together” explained Source 

“OK” said the heart. ”Together, we will create a flow of love & radiate our love out into the world in a never ending stream”. 

“And whomsoever needs our love can drink from this stream”. 

“So go now” said Source “I wish you to share this teaching with anyone who will listen, help them understand this wisdom, it is so needed on your planet at this time”.

“Teach them how to radiate love to create a more peaceful and loving planet……..but go now because time is short”.

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