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Become Your Own Life Coach

Reiki is a way of life, a learning curve into becoming your own life-coach…taking you on a journeyintoyoursoul. It becomes a connection to your Soul/Higher Self.

By learning more about yourself, you will in turn become more aware of others and although it is certainly about healing and learning how to heal, its really about learning Spiritual Laws of Attraction and all things in balance and perspective.  
It changes your life, your view point in that you realise what is really important to you and you will find that things flow away from you as indeed others flow towards you. For every door that closes, another will indeed open. You lose attachments and expectations and feel and understand Unconditional love. Often your intuition opens or expands, your life purpose may become apparent and so may your past-life recollections.  
If you feel you’re ready to take the challenge then Reiki is for you……it will challenge you but you realise that its all about learning our life lessons and appreciating what we have in our lives to learn from one another and situations rather than just feeling like a victim. Obviously my psychic abilities are always there whilst I am teaching and I will tune in to whatever I can to assist you in your soul’s journey.

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