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Individual or group readings available.

I have been psychic all my present life and, indeed in each of my past lives. As a child I assumed that everyone could see what I saw. In 2002 my abilities suddenly became much stronger and I realised that I would have to become a full-time psychic and healer.

I am a third-eye reader so, therefore read the souls’ journey. Our souls are pure, light energy, full of wisdom and compassion.  To allow them to flourish we need to be aware of our surroundings and stay in the light.  We often need to practice keeping our auric field clean and remove debris from people who may be negative and/or a draining influence on us. Jesus healed because he was very aware of His energy field and repeatedly removed negativity.  He was able to hold vast quantities of light energy – this allowed Him to heal.  He monitored His thoughts and deeds……..just as Buddha did.  Infact, if you compare the teachings of Christ with those of the Buddha, they are very similar.

The readings are very informative & comprehensive. I enjoy them as much as the clients-if not more!  The pictures and feelings are often very beautiful indeed.  Although I am not here to make your decisions for you-I will endeaver to give you as much information as possible in order that you can make a decision based on the whole picture; using wisdom & discernment.

As a healer I will send healing to any time, person or place/situation as required.  I will also explain what I am doing and the amount of healing I am sending.  Healing stimulates the soul, often bringing easements in times of tension and, ultimately peacefulness to all concerned. Mediumship may be involved-though I will never guarantee this as it depends upon the deceased souls’ path-they may be ready to reincarnate, or in a place where they are taking advice about their future and their past.  There are other reasons though these are the most common. 

The readings usually take between 45- 60 mins. They each vary – we are individuals after all. By simply holding your hands I am able to access your elementals. These are information pockets within your auric field. The readings are made up of a series of pictures; for example, people and places which are important to you. I provide a brief description to ascertain whether or not you are aware as to what it is I describe. A simple yes or no will enable me to either move on to the following picture, or, wait until it opens so that I can obtain a discerning feature, for example, the person in the picture may have a limp or a mole on the side of their face. They will pertain to the past, present and usually to the future also. Often forgottten artistic talents are brought into the reading, business ideas, unexpected challenges & golden opportunities. They do vary widely. 

Many readings involve clairaudience, some more than others. Although I do not advertise as a medium, there have been instances where I have used this ability. Those in the spirit world will often stay close to those they loved whilst on the physical plane. Some people may be aware that their loved one is close by, although often the spirits can be from past lives – staying to provide protection and guidance: have you ever heard a voice advising you not to drive home on a certain road?

Some clients come to the session with a question which they have considered subconsciously, or, once the reading has commenced, it can be asked directly. There are of course ethics to which every psychic must adhere; the most obvious being confidentiality.

As the readings vary so much, I am only able to provide a general overview here. The most relevant information will come through. If you are thinking of a career move, I usually become aware of each available option, and, by discerning the vibration of each of your choices, will advise which would best suit you and why.

It may be you have a relationship query. Indeed many of us have been married to our current partners in numerous past lives. It may be that karma needs to be resolved. The golden rule here is, life is a learning curve for each and every one of us. I am usually aware of the strengths and weaknesses within relationships. It is wonderful to see a couple who are truly in love.

When a relationship ends or is breaking down, although it can be traumatic, there will always be a reason or several reasons as to why. These can be quite painful and throughout the reading, I provide spiritual guidance and advise wherever appropriate.

COST £50

 I trust that I have answered many of your enquiries regarding a reading, maybe I have inspired you to telephone for an appointment. Who knows, it could change your life, remind you of your creative talents, enthuse you to make that decision which you have been meaning to make for years, rise to a new challenge or even……have a new perspective – change your life!!! For an appointment please telephone on (01772) 751808\07828 929659 - or you can contact me via email.  Please note I do not always get the chance to check emails daily so I would prefer if you telephoned me. I do check voicemail throughout the day, obviously I cannot answer queries whilst in clinic.marycurtis@talktalk.net.  COST READING: £50 BOTH READING AND HEALING £100



“She was so accurate…already the changes have occured in my work, its great” Karen.Lancs. 

“Absolutely amazing….the reading has helped me so much” Di.Lancs.

“I don’t know how she does it…but she’s good..so exact” LEWIS.UK.

“The reading has given me so much peace of mind” Edna. Preston.

“I can’t believe how much it has explained the deja vu I was experiencing” Dave. Lancs.

“I’m amazed, I now know my souls purpose” Neil. Lancs.

“The reading helped me to understand myself and my family more.  I have gained a wisdom and clarity of mind that has brought a great value to my life.  Sincere thanks”  Elizabeth. England.

“Such finite details,truly amazing and fantastic….I’m much more aware of how my life fits in to the overall mosaic of the Universe, why I chose my parents and why I have certain traits.It’s changed everything”. Steven. Lancs.

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