How My Life Changed

I have always been a natural clairvoyant and psychic healer. always having seen spirits and worked with them wherever possible. I  have also healed Gaia/mother earth since being a child too. Years ago, when my soul was expanding I was guided to attend a T’ai Chi class locally. From there my life changed rapidly. The fellow students and teacher recognized that I was a healer and encouraged me to train as a Reiki healer.
At the time I did not understand what healing was – I certainly hadn’t been aware that I was already doing so much healing work.
The group encouraged me through several life changes and as my soul began to grow of course as a result of that, life changes were inevitable. At the time I was working full-time in the civil service and was very unsettled within that working environment. I was also a single mother raising my four children. My mind, body & soul were at the point of exhaustion.

Something had to change and that something was ME! The Universe had told me that I would do psychic readings within my working life. However, at that time I worked in the Civil Service to pay the bills. I was going around and around the goldfish bowl and had no quality of life as such. Time was precious and I had none to myself and far  too little quality time for my dear children. My soul was being squeezed to death!

I set up the business as Mary psychic healer in 2002, just part-time then. However, I was just playing at it really and certainly wasn’t taking my souls journey seriously. The Universe had other ideas. During this period I still worked full-time for the Government….which I hated and which was choking my soul. Thus, the only was the universe could get me to listen was to make me ill and I was on my back with M.E. /C.F.S. for almost a year. During this time I read as many spiritual books as I could, trying to stay positive through the illness and disability. I was distressed and very worried that I would never work again.

Of course now I understand that this was a very necessary part of my metamorphosis process to become who I am today. I am ever-changing of course too.

Conventional medicine failed to assist my progress towards full recovery and proved useless. Through my illness a very dear friend contacted me to offer homeopathy & I also trained as a Reiki Healer and Master. Within three months I was running my own clinic. This led me to train others in healing and to train as a Homeopath myself too.

After spending three years training I was bored and looking for another course to add another string to my bow. This is when I trained as a hypnotherapist too. I love to learn more and I believe that we never stop learning.
Since this time I have learnt also to become a life-coach. This course was the massive turning point for me and led me to much more soul searching, self-awareness and personal growth which meant taking even more personal responsibility.
My personal growth led me, in 2014 to have my own TV show “Living a Dynamic Life” which was established to raise spiritual awareness. You can view the show on Youtube: just type in “Mary Curtis Interviews”.
Following on from the show I met Steve Jack/Christof Jack and was invited to work with him in London then to run a retreat with him in Ibiza. We learnt a lot from each other and the other people we worked with during these times. Thus I was inspired to run my own workshops in Corfu which are to be held later this year – Sept and Oct.
My soul has developed so much over the years although I recognise that there is still so much to learn and to do – hence my clinics across Lancashire, Manchester and London. Inspiring others to live to their true capability and let go of old out dated behaviours/conditioned responses and move on in life is indeed my soul purpose and this is how I live my life; simply by living my truth & being in the NOW moment. So, within my work I will use a variety of techniques to allow my patients/clients/friends to move through their lives easily and effectively. I believe that living from the heart centre rather than the head is key in EVERYTHING WE DO.

I wrote my book to inspire and to share my journey to others. I am currently writing my second book – the title will probably be “The Goldfish That Flew”….your thoughts are welcomed at this time.

The Goldfish That Jumped

Living my passion allowed me to change my life, hence the title of my well-aclaimed book, The Goldfish That Jumped Which I wrote to inspire & encourage. The Goldfish That Jumped
I explain how I made the jump from an unhappy, soulless life, bumping into the sides of the goldfish bowl once to often to one which is now fulfilling and enjoyable. It is inspirational & testimonials exceptional. Looking for a good read? Something to help you through lifes’ twists and turns?

The book is available in Waterstones Preston & WHSmiths Trafford Centre Manchester, Preston Deepdale Retail Park and many other stores throughout the United Kingdom. It’s also available through Kindle, Amazon and directly from Mary herself.
Please spread the word, most people say they can’t put it down. Husbands, housework, jobs and wives have been ignored as folk say it’s an addictive read! I can certainly agree with that!In her well-acclaimed & inspiring book journey?
Books are available directly through the website, from Mary, WHSmiths across Lancashire and Kindle, Amazon, etc.

On this page I have added various course/events/treatments that may be of interest to you.  I have also added further information on the following pages:

href=”http://journeyintoyoursoul.com/hints-advice/recommended-reading/”>’Recommended Reading’ and

href=”http://journeyintoyoursoul.com/hints-advice/a-brief-introduction-to-spiritual-laws/”>’A Brief Introduction to Spiritual Laws’.
IF WE EAT HEALTHY THEN WE USUALLY FEEL HEALTHY TOO. There is so much to learn and understand about food and nutrition which can often seem like a minefield. However, help is at hand. Julie Silver, otherwise known as The Food fairy is a very dear friend. She works as a nutritional therapist. www.JulieSilver.co.ukTel 0161 798 5063

Medicinal cookery By Dale Pinnock is a must read.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentists, Lane Ends 407, Blackpool Rd, Ashton. Preston Tel (01772) 726932



The Goldfish That Jumped

My book “The Goldfish That Jumped” is now available to order priced at £12.99, please include £2.99 P&P. It details my spiritual journey and has received many wonderful reviews. Spiritual / soulful learnings and teachings are included with humour, honesty, passion, and many have stated how much they have been inspired and encouraged by the book. Many have said it will be a best seller and a great summer read…a must read.


T’ai Chi & Qi Gong

Wednesday Evenings  7.30 – 9pm Preston area. For details phone Sue Keady (01772) 456657 .  Absolutely wonderful. T’ai Chi enhances our energies, bringing peacefulness and self – awareness.  It centres us and balances the chakras.


Reflexology & Massage

These have great benefits for the body too. My friend Bev is wonderful and very professional in her field.  01257 269831|07731 435103

Body, Mind and Spirit

You may be interested in furthering your knowledge re spirituality/ crystals, chakras, Atlantis/ Ancient Egypt/ Leylines/portals etc. Check out Youtube Spirit Science The Full Movie & Pleiadian Keys too….also Secrets In Plain View*


Buddhist Meditation

There are various Buddhist meditation classes available throughout Lancashire: Blackburn, Croston, Leyland, Preston, Chorley, Kirkham, Ormskirk.

For further information please contact: Vajravarahi Kadampa Buddist Centre, 38, West Cliff. Preston PR1 8HU Tel (01772) 259094

email @meditateinlancs.org.uk or, www.meditateinlancs.org.uk


OSHO ZEN Tarot cards.

Essentially Zen Buddist cards for prediction and wisdom. Enjoy.


I love music and would advise any CDs by:

Bliss, Deva Primal & Snatum Kaur. Another CD of interest is Ludovico Einaudi.

Loreena McKennitt Nights From The Alhambra DVD is awesome as is Andrea Bocelli Vivere One Night In Tuscany, is truly inspirational.


Ho – oponopono

Ho-Oponopono is a mantra from Hawaii and was used in a mental institute to heal patients. All but a handful were discharged within 5 years. The mantra simply is; ” I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and Thank you”. It is very powerful indeed and one I use often.

Good luck!!!


One Week in Silence

“The ability to wait, rather than be WAITING. Patience is a virtue, but NOT if you are waiting.  waiting yearns for the future – to wait is to allow what is present, to BE”.

A quote taken from  “One Week In Silence” “The Journal” by John Birch ISBN 978-0-9558832-1-7 Spiritual Path Books UK www.OneWeekInSilence.co.uk


More to Life Magazine

“More To Life” magazine, a wonderful publication full of lovely stories and items of interest for all. www.moretolifemag.co.uk or tel. (0151) 527 1577 Subscription £13.50 per annum, very reasonable.



Philippe Raffit – Registered Osteopath. 171, New  Street, Blackrod. BL6 5AW Tel (01204) 668686

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